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             “NUR Travel” touristic Agency is developing and expanding its market every day in order to respond the requirements of time and interests of our clients. The company is specialized in incoming tourism and we set the goal to demonstrate the best side of Armenia to our tourists. Our qualified and professional guides ready to introduce the country and lead the tourists to new discoveries.

         With tour operator “NUR Travel”  you can discover Armenia surrounded by mountains, rocks, cliffs and canyons, get acquainted with ancient culture and history of Armenia, visit all the sightseeing which are included  in World Heritage List, try our national cuisine, which is an additional incentive to travel to this country.

         “NUR Travel” ’s patient staff will organize your vacation and will do his best to make your visit to Armenia unforgettable. Productive time is guaranteed.

            Pomegranate is the symbol of Armenia and it has 365 seeds like the year that consists of 365 days. Every day is a new opportunity to discover something new…

            Get in touch today to discover a new world of travel. 

                              We wish you happy holidays in Armenia!